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Animation Film in 2D: Filiokus
For children 6-10 years.

The rising temperatures in the North Pole break the heavy ice and the King of Fire manages to escape and wants revenge after millions of years of captivity.

An ancient nordic group of magicians know that only a very special child can stop the King's plans to destroy the entire earth.

A nordic adventure with a boy-magician and a Sami girl who fight against the greatest threat ever.

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Written and directed by Hugo Catolino

Animation director: Tino Cordoba

Animation team: Sylvia Nanni, Jorge Marinucci, Pia Holmquist, Vanessa Di Giorgio, Tuva Holmquist, Jakub Kocerha and Christoffer Hjalmarsson.

Concept artist: Anthony Pismarov.

Production: By Sweden AB in collaboration with Hallonfilm and Film i Värmland.